Although the Mediterranean climate prevails in the region, where the site is located, it demonstrates the characteristics of Black Sea climate as well.

The temperature is between +42.6 °C and -25.7 °C. Precipitation is between 456.2 mm and 1217.4 mm.

The average 113 days of the year is rainy.

The weather conditions in the work area are suitable for working all year.

The licence site has an even topography.

The elevation varies between 450-830 m.

The most important of these is Bakacak Tepe (725 m).

Harman Tepe and Mestan Tepe are other important elevations.

There are no important streams located at the site. Sariyar Stream and Inegol Streams are the main streams carrying seasonal water.

The region is generally consist of forest lands.

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