The license has been operated from time to time for a long time. Since the region is comfortable and rich in terms of mineral ore, developmental activities were conducted regularly, as it is very suitable for mining.

Between the years of 1914 and 1917, a company produced lump ore through short drifts that it opened at different levels.

In the 1970s, it is known that serious amount of ore was produced by using the open quarry method and this ore was sent to a flotation plant established with 100 t/day capacity in Yenisehir. The high-grade ore, which was a quarried piece, was exported to Bulgaria.

As of 2013, the site was put under the responsibility of Meyra Madencilik and prospection activities started by obtaining necessary permissions. Meyra Madencilik started to open quarries in July 2013 by receiving small EIA in 24 hectares. After completing the GSM and Forest permits in 2014, it started to work on surface mining and carried out excavation. It produced variable-grade Pb + Zn ore and sent crude ore to the flotation plants in the surrounding area.

Between 2015 and 2016, its prospection and production activities were interrupted due to the low metal prices and it used this break for expanding the permitted area and by obtaining the EIA positive document for the entire processing permission (270 ha).

In 2017, it continued the prospection and production activities. After that, it carried on producing and selling crude ore.

By joining the Delta Group in 2018, the prospection activities at international standards were started and the drilling works continues uninterruptedly with the aim of revealing the potential. A comprehensive drilling project was prepared and initiated with the purpose of revealing and evaluating the source potential, and it is aimed to put the ore dressing investments into operation in accordance with the source potential in line with business targets.