In the 21st century, developing countries consume a considerable part of raw materials. China's high growth rate over the last 10-15 years, infrastructure investments and the need for raw materials used in all the investments for the cities built for rural to urban migration and restructuring of these cities have created a serious demand. Eventually, it caused the metal and metal prices to break the records of all times.

Considering the OECD data, while daily global food consumption increased by about 60% as of 1980s to the date, the building materials consumption increased by 100%, fossil fuel consumption by 75% and metal consumption by 165%. The world population has grown by about 55% within the same period. Considering these results, the most striking point is the fact that the food consumption increases in proportion to population growth, while metal-mining-fuel consumption amounts are considerably higher than population growth. This data indicates that the demand for metals used as industrial raw materials, especially as lead, zinc, copper, and other raw materials, will increase significantly compared to the previous 20 years.

In order to meet the global raw material demand, which we tried to summarized above, and to reduce the foreign dependency of Turkey, MEYRA decided to rapidly continue the lead, zinc and copper mining, which it launched in Bursa Yenisehir, with the participation of DELTA Group and to contribute to the export and growth by supporting its existing potential with investments, R & D and establishment.

MEYRA took being environmentally conscious, productive and competitive sense of management as a mission, while putting Bursa-Yenisehir Base Metal (Pb, Zn, Cu) project into operation. In this way, it will continue its production and prospection activities uninterruptedly and will enable the economy to gain Turkey’s underground richness rapidly with the help of its expert staff.


Meyra Madencilik

Firma Tarihçesi