Our Human Resources Policy

Our employee profile is comprised of dynamic, creative, environmentally sensitive people specialized in their field, believing in team spirit, with high motivation for the company and their job, aiming for success, open to innovation and development, and willing to create positive values.

As Delta Group, we perceive all our employees as our most important capital that affects and puts forth the power and performance of the company in this intense competitive environment.

Our Human Resources Policy is to obtain human force in line with the strategies and goals of our company, and to develop the professional skills of our employees with Human Resources tools.


Selection and Placement

Our recruitment process is assessed both in terms of cultural conformance to the Group and conformance to the position requirement. After receiving applications for the positions, candidate pools are created. The candidates are assessed in terms of the position requirements and then called for multi-level interviews. By the end of the evaluations, intense recruitment interview and introduction process, the suitable candidate is offered the job, targets are specified and mutually accepted. The candidates who are not offered the job are informed and kept at the Candidate Database for possible future positions to be opened. The new recruits are subjected to a general orientation program to become acquainted with the current functioning and organization. The human force we aim are the persons that comply with corporate values and culture, with high sense of belonging and open to development.

Performance Management

Target-based performance management system is applied. The employees convene with their superiors, general and individual job targets are determined. The evaluation is made by mutual discussions with the evaluated personnel according to open performance system.

The knowledge, experience, competency and performance results of our employees are evaluated in order to improve and direct their employment life. Training and development requirements of employees are determined as a result of these evaluations.

Career Management

It is an important priority for us to effectively utilize, ensure the development and career plans of our employees at every level who can continually attain targets, develop their competencies, prepare themselves for responsibilities above current position and willing to take over new responsibilities. Promotion in our company can be vertical or horizontal, or with multiple responsibilities.


In order to value the development of our employees, develop their potentials, improve their performance and to make this increase permanent, trainings are provided to our employees as per the Annual Training Plan both from in-house and external training bodies at specified subjects. The aim is to ensure continual development, increase human force productivity and contribute to career management.

You can send your CVs to our Human Resources address, and you can reach our open postings from the links below.


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