MEYRA MADENCILIK, is a Turkish company established with the purpose of mineral prospection operation. Its aim is to become a major Lead and Zinc manufacturer in Turkey with operations and prospection in accordance with international standards, and to contribute to the development of the mining industry using the best technologies and methods known and also to become beneficial to the Turkish economy. In these activities, it applies the highest level of occupational safety and environmental standards in the world and improves its business skills in this field by adopting the principle of continuous improvement and development.

MEYRA MADENCILIK considers the use of reliable systems, which support efficient decision making through transparency and provide timely and accurate information, occupational and environmental safety and social approval as integral parts of its work and aims to achieve these objectives through leadership qualities.

MEYRA MADENCILIK offers the best quality products to its customers by working with qualified human resources and attaching importance to the values of our society.

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